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Sabtu, Februari 14, 2009

#115. UK entry ban on producer of film against Islam

By Our Special Correspondent
Source : http://www.dawn.com

LONDON, Feb 12: Despite the severe opposition by Lord Ahmed and Muslim community leaders, the controversial film ‘Fitna’ was screened at House of Lords on Thursday but in the absence of its producer Geert Wilders who has been banned from entering Britain by the government.

Though the religious and emotional feelings of Muslim community was badly hurt by the screening of the movie but Britain’s first Muslim minister Shahid Malik, Lord Nazir Ahmed and other Muslim community leaders have appreciated the government for not allowing Dutch MP Geert Wilders to land in London and they commented that the timely action by the UK government had saved the British society once again from a big controversy.

“It is a matter of great satisfaction that all three major political parties decided to keep them aloof this controversy,” commented Muslim leaders.

Justice Minister Shahid Malik said UK government opposed extremism in all its forms and Wilders’ message of hatred had no place in the UK.

He said: “The legislation we have introduced will stop those individuals who wish to come to the UK to spread their message of extremism and hatred. Mr Geert is someone who has a pathological hatred of Islam and his presence in the UK would be extremely provocative and completely unacceptable.”

Lord Ahmed welcomed the Home Secretary’s decision to exclude Geert Wilders MP from the UK.

He said: “This man is facing serious charges of inciting hatred and discrimination in Amsterdam, and has incited hatred amongst the communities in the UK.

The BNP and other fascist groups have bombarded my office with abusive, threatening emails and telephone calls, and have abused my staff also.

“The film already is accessible via the internet, and therefore there is little we can do to stop parliamentarians here in the UK from viewing the film. I have made my views clear to the Black Rod, the House authorities and the Leader of the House. This film creates hatred and further segregates communities.”

Britain banned the entry of the controversial right-wing Dutch politician on Tuesday. Geert Wilders had been invited by the by UK Independence Party peer Lord Pearson to show the anti-Islam film and hold a Q&A session in parliament.

The Home Office said there was a blanket ban on Mr Wilders entering the UK under EU laws enabling member states to exclude someone whose presence could threaten public security.

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