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Khamis, Mac 12, 2009

#252. Skoop : Hype ~ The many faces of Liyana Accomplished actress Liyana

SOON to receive her official “key to freedom” when she turns 21 next month, talented actress Liyana Jasmay is set to unlock the doors of opportunity.Already an accomplished actress with eight feature films to her credit, she is ready for a year that looks to be both challenging and exciting.

Recently, this petite Pahang lass was signed by Maybelline New York as its Malaysian spokesperson for a year, joining the ranks of singing sensation Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and popular actress Fasha Sandha.Liyana, who has been honing her vocals with the help of vocal teacher Shafie of Akademi Fantasia fame over the past few months, has also been busy in the recording studio.Influenced by Miley Cyrus and Avril Lavigne in her vocals, she will be releasing her debut, a mini album, next month.

She is up for three movies, to be out in cinemas soon, namely Papadom, Duhai Si Pari Pari and Pisau Cukur, all shot last year.In a few months, she will be back on the set of a new thriller Puaka Niyang Rapik: The Movie by director Ahmad Idham, a spin-off from the series of the same name.Soon after that, it will be time for a television series Zeti and The Best, also directed by Ahmad Idham.

For Liyana, whose acting debut was in a critically acclaimed leading role performance as Phim in the blockbuster Castello in 2006, acting is still her first love.

“I have done a variety of roles in light and heavy dramas, but I think the most difficult is a comedy role,” she said.

“I have realised that it is difficult to put on a straight face during a funny scene, but then again, thanks to the experience in light and heavy dramas, there is a good balance in my work,” she said, adding that her dream role would be a romantic one.

From the looks of it, the future seems bright, and with sheer hard work and discipline that she constantly applies where work is concerned, her presence in the entertainment scene could only be propelled further.

Grateful for all the opportunities that have come her way, she realises that it is not going to be a walk in the park.

“With opportunities come responsibilities,” said Liyana, who is known for her lead role in the teen drama TV series Kami: The Series and its cinematic spin-off Kami: The Movie.

Her performance as angst-filled, yet sweet natured Lynn endeared her to viewers all over Malaysia.

But this youngest of four siblings is pacing herself and making sure that all her engagements are met, even though her schedule is quite packed.

“My mother always say that I am hyperactive. I can’t be idle for too long,” she said.

“I enjoy working; so, a busy schedule is good for me. Besides, it also means that I have a continuous income,” she adds, laughing.

She is honoured at being the spokesperson for the giant skincare brand.

“I never expected to become the Maybelline girl. When they told me I was selected, I was ecstatic,” she said.

Apparently a team from Maybelline New York has been following her career since 2007.

She was chosen for her youthfulness, confidence and trend-setting looks, all the qualities of the quintessential Maybelline girl.

On her transition from actress to recording artiste, Liyana, who is studying for her diploma in performance and media at Sunway College, said singing is an extension of her acting career.

With a soon-to-be released mini album, Liyana who has also started taking piano lessons, inches closer to her dream of having her vocals featured in a movie soundtrack some day.

Produced by singer-songwriter Ajai, the mini album, entitled Liyana Jasmay, features five pop rock songs.

Her first single, Aku Tak Percaya Cinta (composed by Ajai), will be hitting the airwaves at the end of this month.

Other tracks include Aku Jatuh Cinta and Kejam (Ajai), Pelik (musician/composer AG Coco of Hujan) and Penyelamat Cinta (singer/songwriter Aizat). Liyana wrote the lyrics for Penyelamat Cinta.

“The mini album features fast tracks and they are sing-along numbers which would appeal to teens.

“I’m just taking baby steps in the music arena before embarking on a bigger music project,” she said.

Liyana hopes to star in at least three movies this year, and perhaps seven drama productions for the small screen.

“Hopefully, I will continue to be on top of my game.”

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