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Jumaat, Mac 13, 2009

#258. Cinema: Scenic Malaysia the only draw


1997 (Tamil)
Directed by G.N. Dinesh Kumar
Starring Sarathkumar, Namitha, Farzana, Jayasudha, Vivek, Vijayakumar

THE only reason you would be drawn to this movie is that it was extensively shot in Malaysia last year.The police and fire brigade get a big “thank you” at the beginning of the movie.The Maxis superstructure next to the Petronas Twin Towers also gets special mention. It is featured as “Ruby Towers” in the story and is the centrepoint for the climax scenes.Of course, Putrajaya and Malacca are not forgotten.

Sarathkumar is an active politician in India but he has not given up his acting.In 1997, he comes in various guises, as both an old and young man.He seems unbeatable with guns blazing and executing Matrix-style moves.

He even puts Jean-Claude Van Damme to shame in the scenes where he sends the bad guys out of action.

For added attraction, the director has slotted in several sexy song sequences with Namita, Farshna, Mumbai model Sandhya Shetty and other beauties, showing plenty of cleavage and legs, the dance moves set to Vidyasagar’s music.Of the lot, Farzana (a Telugu choreographer-turned-actress) surprises with her self-confidence and bubbly personality.

Unfortunately, the songs are not popular yet.

Vivek only appears in a few scenes, including one involving Thaipusam and set in Batu Caves.Director Dinesh Kumar, a former ad filmmaker, doesn't impress.The story begins in India, with Raja (Sarathkumar) as the head of a group of poor fishermen.His son, Vetrivel (also Sarathkumar), returns home after winning the national award for science and is all set for a bright future.

Suddenly, his father dies. Vetrivel finds some items indicating his father had stayed in Malaysia and decides to come here to investigate. He finds out that his father is an escaped convict from Pudu Jail in 1997.

The son then sets out to clear his father’s name and seek revenge.We have seen too many vengeance-seeking movies to tolerate one more.As mentioned in the beginning, the movie’s only redeeming feature are the scenes shot in our country.

Source :
The New Straits Times

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