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Isnin, Mac 23, 2009

#318. Hype : More of Syafie [Talentime 2009]

Talented kid: Syafie Naswip plays Hafiz in Talentime[2009]

IT is quite extraordinary meeting the actor behind the character, Hafiz, in Talentime and, previously, Mukhsin in Mukhsin.

On screen, the 17-year-old is larger than life and he is convincing as the characters he plays. It’s no wonder he was named best child actor at the 20th Malaysian Film Festival two years ago. Hence, it is surprising to see that the actor, Mohd Syafie Naswip, is smaller than an average teen and wears glasses.

Similarly, if Syafie had to portray sadness as he struggles to cope with his dying mother (played by Azean Irdawaty) in Talentime, the actor himself is quick with an engaging smile. He is polite even though he seems a little uneasy. Maybe, like most teenagers, Syafie has his share of insecurities. Then again, in some situations, that is understandable.

After all, anyone would be apprehensive if they have to share their scenes – which requires a lot of heartfelt emotions – with veteran actress Azean. Syafie was so nervous about his scenes. He recalled: “It was the first day of filming and I had doubts pulling off my scenes with Kak Yan. I just couldn’t get past the fact that I was sharing a scene with Azean Irdawaty and it was a very difficult scene, too.”

Luckily, the older actress knew a trick or two that she could pass to the youth. “She told me to take one step at a time, and that it will all work out,” he said.

Well, that must have done the trick because the scene in which Hafiz has a heart-to-heart talk with his mother is quite incredible to watch.

Although what the audience sees in Talentime is a natural progression of Hafiz’s character, Syafie attested that the role is a challenging one.

It has been rewarding too because he made new friends and got to show off his lip-synching ability.

Actually, Yasmin just can’t get over how brilliant Syafie is at lip-synching. She said: “We invited people to be the audience for the final night of talentime in the film, and they had no clue whatsoever about the story or Hafiz’s plight, but when Syafie started lip-synching Pete Teo’s I Go, some of them started to shed tears. It was amazing.”

The only child of an odd-job worker from Kuala Lumpur, Syafie contributes to the family’s income working on films and dramas. He also keeps some of his earnings for his education.

He hopes, in the long run, to be involved in the filmmaking industry as a cinematographer. Hopefully, this doesn’t mean he’d give up acting totally as it would be a shame to lose a talent like his behind the camera.

Right now, he is amused that someone calls him by his character’s name and some are even unaware of his real name. Don’t worry young man, it’s only a matter of time before Mohd Syafie Naswip becomes a household name.

Source : The Star

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