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Rabu, Mac 25, 2009

#336. Watch Movies Online Completely Free

As the internet is becoming a major part of our daily lives, it is becoming easier to watch newly released movies online. There are all sorts of benefits to watching movies online as opposed to going to the cinema or spending money that you haven't got at the local blockbuster store.

Firstly - you can watch newly released movies online in the comfort of your own home and you don't have to pay a penny for a cinema ticket! Secondly - some video stores are now charging up to $10 a night to rent a DVD. Why would you spend that money when you can watch movies online for free?

When you watch movies through your home cable or satellite package there are usually extra fees you have to pay for those movie, film or “specialty” channels. Watching movies online completely eliminates those fees with a click of your mouse button.

A lot of people are searching for this type of service but they are often disappointed with what they find. There are certain websites that advertise having free movies that you can watch and when you arrive at the site you are asked to fill out a survey or install an intrusive advertisement service to your PC. Luckily for you these disappointing and time consuming experiences are over!

There is now a completely different way of watching movies online for free. You won't have to fill out any surveys or install anything on your computer because all of your favorite movies are being hosted on well known video websites like YouTube and Google Video.

When users signed a contract with these video sites they were warned not to upload infringing content. But, because there are so many users of these websites it means they are getting harder and harder to police the uploaded content. The users who are uploading the movies are getting smarter and more cunning by disguising the movies name with a random code so website administrators can't search and remove them, meaning, luckily for you, (the viewer), you can watch more and more movies online for free!

But how do you find all these movies when they're all disguised by a code? The answer is simple! You go to a site which finds the movies for you! These movies websites don't host any content but are updated daily with direct links to all of your favourite movies. One click will send you directly to a huge archive of free movies to watch online!

You can find movies from all sorts of genres including: Action, Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Crime, Drama, Family, Film Noir, Game-Show, History, Horror, Music, Musical, Mystery, News, Romance, Sci-Fi, Short, Sport, Talk Show, Thriller, War, Western, Hindi and Korean.

Each movie post includes a movie synopsis, photos and screenshots, followed by a direct link for you to watch the movie. There are generally movie forums on the websites so you can take part in different movie discussions with other members to add to the community feeling.

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Watch Movies Online at TheOnlyDevice.com

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