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Sabtu, Mac 28, 2009

#355. How to Burn Movies Downloaded to DVD

For those of you who are old enough to remember those days when 8mm film on projector systems used to be the home theater system back then - you can definitely say that technology has literally overhauled the way that we watch movies. From bulky VHS tapes, to laserdiscs, to Video Compact Discs, Digital Video Discs to High Definition and Blu Ray technology - each generation has made improvements to bring the home theater system to the standards that it has now.

However, the problem with these types of viewing movie files is that the storage is quite 'bulky' - which is why downloaded movies has become more and more popular over the years. Because of the increase in Internet speed, downloading movies has become even more popular. What used to take several hours or even a day to download can now be downloaded in minutes.

A Multitude of Advantages from Downloading Movies

As previously mentioned, downloading movies have become commonplace in today's online community. There are even a couple of ways to download movies: legally or illegally. Naturally, downloading movie files 'illegally' are not recommended - but a lot of people are still doing it. Before delving deeper into the benefits of downloading movies legally, let us first enumerate the disadvantages of downloading movies illegally - which is usually done

- You are not paying the "intellectual rights holder" of the privilege to view the films that they made.

- Using P2P sites from not-so-trustworthy sources may harm your computer.

Now, here are the advantages of legally downloading movies: - You can download the movies that you want to watch, 24/7, as long as you have an active membership with a particular movie downloading site. - There are a lot of movie genres, as well as old and new films to choose from. - Downloading movies through legal sites is more convenient and cost-effective.

How to Burn Movies Downloaded to DVD

Now, after downloading those movies to your computer, how will you burn a copy of the film to a DVD? The primary benefit of burning the movies that you downloaded onto a DVD is that you can play the film on your regular DVD player. This way, it will be pretty easy to have a 'movie night' right in the comfort of your own home.

If you would like to burn the movies that you downloaded onto a DVD, here are some tips that you need to keep in mind.

1. Prior to downloading movies from legal movie download sites, make sure that the format of the movie files is compatible with your computer's media player. This way, if you decide to burn the movie that you downloaded later on - it will be a much easier process.

2. Again, prior to downloading movies from legal movie download sites, make sure that the picture quality can be assured. This is especially true if you will burn a copy of the film that you downloaded on a DVD later on.

3. Remember that if you buy a 'DVD-quality' movie from movie download sites, the quality of the film's sound and picture should not deteriorate. This means that the process will be like purchasing a 'real DVD' from a video store. The only difference is that you downloaded the file from the Internet and burned a copy of the movie onto the DVD yourself - at a fraction of the cost.

4. When going through several movie download sites, look for one which offers free software for burning a copy of your downloaded file onto a CD or DVD. This part is crucial, especially since you are paying for the benefit of downloading the movie online. If you bought a 'DVD quality' movie through legal movie download sites - look for one which offers free software so that it will be easier for you to burn the files on a hard copy.

5. If you do stumble upon a site which offers free DVD-burning software, make sure that they have round-the-clock customer or technical support. Most membership movie download sites have a customer or technical support line that you can call. This way, if you run across any problem in downloading the movies or using the software, it will be much easier for you to address the issue with the help of their support staff.

Fortunately for the movie buffs of today, getting their hands on the films that they want to see is as easy as 1, 2, 3. After downloading the files, you can easily burn a DVD copy of your favorite film with a click of the mouse.

Please take a look at out free movie downloads site if you want start burning high quality movies on DVDs.

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