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Selasa, Mei 12, 2009

#418. Movie Buzz

1. Deadpool to return, in his own movie
So X-Men Origins: Wolverine seriously messed with Deadpool's place as a player of prominence in the Marvel Universe.That hasn't stopped Marvel Studios and Fox Studios from spinning off the "merc with the mouth", played partly by Ryan Reynolds in X-MO:W, into his own movie.The Hollywood Reporter did not give specifics about how Wade Wilson (Reynolds) is to be given his own movie, given what happens to him in Wolverine.Still, movies being what they are ... don't be surprised if the Deadpool movie glosses over (or even ignores) the events of Wolverine and goes off on its own path.

2. Wolverine shreds the competition
X-Men Origins: Wolverine, hit by an Internet leak of a near-complete work print weeks before its release, shredded all comers at the US boxoffice over the weekend. The "biopic" of comics' most popular mutant pulled in US$87mil (RM313mil) at US cineplexes for the first summer weekend, and racked up an impressive US$73mil (RM263mil) in international markets.THR.com reported that Wolverine was far ahead of the rest of the pack, with the Matthew McConaughey-Jennifer Garner rom-com <>Ghosts of Girlfriends Past coming in a respectable but distant second on a haul of US$15.3mil (RM55mil).

3. The scent'a claws, 2
Wolverine is such a big deal at the movies that Hugh Jackman's Seed Productions is already at work developing a sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Variety reports. And here we thought that the first X-Men movie was already the "sequel". Well, in our humble opinion, the character needs to move on after four X-films and our advice is, don't even think of setting this one in the "Lost Memory" years. It will just be too stale.We need to see the guy dealing with the crap that happened in his life in X-Men: The Last Stand and hopefully, tangling with some giant mutant-killing robot Sentinels for real this time (as opposed to Danger Room simulations). Or else.

4. Watchmen's Goode steps into the 70s
Matthew Goode, who really gave the Watchmen a tough time as their traitorous ex-comrade Ozymandias in the recent superhero epic, is heading even further back in time than that alternate-1985-set movie.The Hollywood Reporter says Goode has joined the cast of Ricky Gervais' 1970s comedy about insurance men, Cemetery Junction.The movie, co-written by Gervais (The Office) with Stephen Merchant, will see Goode in a nasty role as a man who uses the boss' daughter to further his ambitions. Ralph Fiennes and Gervais will also appear in the film.

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