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Selasa, Mac 03, 2009

#195. Berita TV : Rev up the action

TV3’s Rempit vs Impak Maksima: The Series, a merger of two movies, adds new blood to heat up the action.

TV3 drama fans are in for more heart-wrenching stuff when Rempit vs Impak Maksima: The Series takes off.The series started off as two highly acclaimed movies, Remp-It, starring Farid Kamil, and Impak Maksima, headed by Awal Ashari.

Impak Maksima was subsequently made into a musical and staged at Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur.Well-known director Ahmad Idham later merged both movies into a telemovie titled Rempit vs Impak Maksima. Now, by popular demand, it’s back in a 13-episode series.

Spicing up the series is an eclectic mix of new blood, including Zeyna Ibrahim, Iqram Dinzly, Zed Zaidi, Dina Malaysian Idol, Puteri Fatin Nasuha and Nas T.

Zeyna, who is Sazzy Falak’s cousin, shifted effortlessly from indie movies to the mainstream.

“There is more drama in the series. You can’t be too laid-back and you must have strong facial expressions,” said the 23-year-old actress, who found fame with the hit series and movie, Kami.

“I love the character. We have some strong similarities but she is firm while I am vivacious,” she said at a recent get-together to introduce the cast of Rempit vs Impak Maksima: The Series and Cinta Untuk Ain. Zeyna, who plays Farhana, a high speed racing fan in the series, ironically has no driving licence!

“When I first auditioned, I told Ahmad Idham that I couldn’t drive. He told me as long as I have a flair for acting, I’d be just fine,” she said.

The actress is busy reading scripts for roles and also wrapping up a few productions.

“I recently wrapped up a drama collaboration between Malaysia and the Philippines called Rocky and Geri,” said Zeyna. The series will be aired over ntv7.

Meanwhile, it’s singer and reality star Dina’s debut acting role in Impak Maksima: The Musical.

“It all came naturally,” said the bubbly 24-year-old from Johor. “I love my character, she is goofy and jokes a lot. She is also a aspiring motorbike racer.”

Rempit vs Impak Maksima the Series airs every Monday over TV3 at 9pm.

Source :
The New Straits Times

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