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Jumaat, Mac 06, 2009

#227. Skoop : Hype - Jackie Chan and Daniel Wu in town

Jackie Chan and Daniel Wu in Shinjuku Incident.(Photo)Good news for fans of international action star Jackie Chan and heartthrob Daniel Wu! In conjunction with the promotion of their latest action blockbuster Shinjuku Incident, Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) and Anglia Shandy will bring the dynamic duo to Kuala Lumpur.

They will make a public appearance at the Bukit Bintang Entrance of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur at 8pm on March 31.Shinjuku Incident is Chan and Wu’s second major collaboration after the action-packed New Police Story in 2004. The story revolves around the Chinese migrant communities of Shinjuku who unwittingly get entangled with the Japanese yakuza.

The movie also brings together, for the first time, Chan and acclaimed director Derek Yee. With a production budget of US$25mil (RM91.3mil) the film was shot in Japan’s Shinjuku and China’s Suzhou and Changchun, and co-stars Naoto Takenaka, Xu Jing Lei, Fan Bing Bing and Masaya Kato.

Chan plays Steelhead, a Chinese tractor repairman who sneaks into Japan after losing contact with his girlfriend, Xiu Xiu. He settles into life as an illegal immigrant and soon discovers that Xiu Xiu has married Eguchi, a yakuza leader. He then finds himself working with Eguchi in order to use the latter’s power to gain legal status and start a new life.

Wu is Jie, Steelhead’s timid fellow villager and also an illegal immigrant in Japan. While helping a friend work a scam, Jie is badly beaten and disfigured. Unable to get over the trauma, his personality undergoes a dramatic change and he soon starts peddling drugs for the yakuza.

To win exclusive Shinjuku Incident premiere invitations and in-season tickets, visit gscmovies.com.my or anglia.com.my.

Anglia Shandy will also be running an online game contest, which will give 10 lucky fans the opportunity to meet Chan and Wu on March 31. To play, go to anglia.com.my.

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