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Jumaat, Mac 06, 2009

#226. Cinema : Movies coming soon to Malaysian cinemas.

Tale of Despereaux – Despereaux, a tiny rat with big, floppy ears, befriends a Princess who teaches him how to read. Each day, Despereaux revels in stories of heroic dragon-fighting knights and fair maidens. However, this hobby gets him banished from Mouseworld because he is becoming a little too “human”. He is then rescued by an outcast named Roscuro, but the princess believes that Roscuro has ulterior motives for befriending Despereaux.This animation features the voices of Matthew Broderick, Emma Watson, Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Kline and Drew Carey.

Dragonball: Evolution – A young warrior named Son Goku goes on a journey to find Master Roshi and retrieve the seven mystical and powerful Dragon Balls before the evil King Piccolo gets his hands on them. Based on a popular Japanese manga, this action-adventure film stars Chow Yun-fat, Justin Chatwin, Emmy Rossum, James Marsters, Jamie Chung and Randall Duk Kim.

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