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Isnin, Mac 23, 2009

#313. Skoop : So what’s LaMB?

BASED on an original story by Filipino writer Carmelo Juinio, LaMB takes place in the distant future, on the inhospitable desert planet Cerra. Life is pretty tough on this planet, but the humans living there are intent on making it tougher for criminals. Break the law, and you won’t go to jail, you’ll get “laminated” instead.

You see, Cerra has abolished prisons, and has opted instead for the more creative – and cruel – punishment of “laminating” criminals in cybernetic skin-tight suits. These “LaMBs” are then put to work as useful members of society on Cerra (read: slaves), given incredible strength and durability by the suit, but robbed of their free will for the duration of their sentence.

Much of this futuristic sci-fi story revolves around the ethical/moral conflict of using the arguably inhumane lamination technology, the heroes’ attempts to turn the arid red planet into something much more green, and the romance between the two protagonists.

The characters

Dr Jack Griswold (Vanness Wu, English and Mandarin), is a scientist specialising in advanced botanical engineering. He’s a new arrival on Cerra, and his goal is to rejuvenate the planet’s harsh biosphere with the introduction of new vegetation. He has good intentions, but underneath it all, he’s still haunted by the tragic loss of his wife.

Keiko Suzuki (Josie Ho, English and Cantonese; Tanaka Chie, Mandarin) seems every bit the law-abiding, no nonsense chief scientific advisor to Cerra’s administration. In truth, however, she’s seething with fury and intent on getting revenge for the death of her parents at all costs (we can’t say any more about their deaths without giving away too much).

Rita Goldberg (voiced by new talent Alison Lester) is the mayor of Cerra, and although she’s not one of the main characters, she plays a vital role in bringing Dr Griswold to Cerra, and in the development of the lamination system itself. Goldberg is a ruthless yet efficient administrator; she’s precisely the kind of person that you wouldn’t want to cross.

I’ve saved the best for last.... Eve (voiced by Medicorp DJ, Petrina Kow) is the show’s other protagonist, and she’s one of the unfortunate souls who has been laminated. Formerly a bioweapons scientist called Major Sara Integra, Eve was charged with manslaughter and given a 200-year sentence when her negligence resulted in casualties during a military operation. Awful for her, we’re sure, but on the bright side, hey, Eve looks really good in that skin-tight lamination suit!

Source : The Star

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